Oireachtas Rince Laighean 2019 - Grades: 

June 8th and 9th 2019 

The National Indoor Arena at the National Sports Campus


Dublin 15.



Don McCarron - Uladh

Michael Ryan - Mumhan

Des Bailey - Connacht

Josephine Brennan King - Uladh


Musician - Stephen Carolan


Syllabus to follow soon



Oireachtas Rince Laighean 2019 - Championships: 

November 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th 2019

City North Hotel,


Co. Meath.


Gavin Doherty - Uladh

Bernie Curley - Connacht

Francis Ward - Mumhan

Ciaron Brooks - UK

Terry Gillan - USA


Musicians - Paul O'Donnell and Kevin Joyce


Aine O’Shea Memorial Feis and Ball

The Aine O’Shea Memorial Feis and Ball, which were launched in late 2018, and originally scheduled to take place on the weekend of March 16th and 17th 2019 have now been postponed to a December date.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced  to postpone the event yet again.  The Aine O’Shea Memorial Feis will now take place in Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre on December 14th and 15th 2019, with the Aine O'Shea Memorial Ball now taking place in the Citywest Suite on December 14th 2019.  Due to the popularity of the Ball date for Christmas parties, people who wish to make reservations at Citywest Hotel should call Reservations Department at the hotel sooner rather than later.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.  However, we can guarantee that no further changes will be made, and we are looking forward to an amazing event.

Seamus Ó'Sé



Prelim Rule: Leinster:



Leinster Council 2017-2019


Officers of Comhairle Laighean 2017-2019


Chairperson: Eileen Fagan Gargan

Vice Chairperson: Colette Mc Allister

Secretary: Marcus Maloney

Assistant Secretary: Orla Nic Conuladh

Treasurer: Phoebe O'Donoghue

Assistant Treasurer: Lily McGovern

Feis Registrar: Fidelma Egan

Transfer and Results Secretary: Deirdre Fagan Cox

Trophy Officer: Elaine Kavanagh Cullen




Elected Reps to CLRG: Eileen Fagan Gargan and Orla Nic Conuladh

Council Rep to CLRG: Deirdre Fagan Cox

Elected Reps to Leinster Council: Nina Burke, Deirdre Fagan Cox, Olive Hurley, Elaine Kavanagh, Marcus Maloney

Conradh Reps to Leinster Council: Mary McElroy, Colette McAllister, Seamus O'Sé

Lay members: Lily McGovern and Edda Elebert

Co-options to Leinster Council: Bernadette Chaney Farrell, Fidelma Egan and Phoebe O'Donoghue

Full Comhairle membership: Seamus O'Sé, Elaine Kavanagh Cullen, Nina Burke, Marcus Maloney, Deirdre Fagan Cox, Colette McAllister, Mary McElroy, Eileen Fagan Gargan, Orla Nic Conuladh, Olive Hurley, Edda Elebert, Lily Mc Govern, Phoebe O'Donoghue, Bernadette Chaney Farrell and Fidelma Egan


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